Light Sources

(JSI) introduces Zion, a Spectroscopy Camera that will fit your needs AND your budget!

The Navima™ Light Source optical designs utilize high performance optics to maximize the light collection efficiency and output and only use the highest stability power supplies and bulbs. Mechanically, our lamps have easy to use alignment adjusters to allow for optimal coupling of the light into other optical equipment such as optical fibers and monochromators etc. A specially designed cooled housing ensures a safe to touch enclosure even after many hours of operation for those lamps which normally generate significant heat.

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Tuneable Light Sources

TLS-SERIES Tuneable light sources are commonly required for a wide range of optical spectroscopy applications, including for example: in physics, chemistry, biology, environmental, quantum efficiency, and spectral responsivity measurements. The innovative design of our tuneable light sources, in a fully modular yet integrated manner, allows straight forward adjustment of the configuration and accessories without the need for challenging changes to be made in order to accommodate different application needs. The TLS series are versatile tuneable light sources of high-resolution monochromatic light from the ultraviolet to near infrared. Tuneable light sources comprise three main components: a light source, a monochromator for wavelength selection, and suitable accessories for light delivery. The TLS series also can be customized for solar simulator combination system.

Jireh Scientific Imaging New Genesis sCMOS Cameras

JSI is now offering sCMOS 5 Megapixel, 8 Megapixel, 50 Megapixel and the new 120 Megapixel Cameras the Scientific and Fast imaging industries. Available in a non-cooled or cooled packaging. Please contact us for more information.

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